Columbia Facts | Amazing Facts about Columbia: Colombia is a country at the northern tip of South America. Its landscape is marked by rainforests, Andes mountains and numerous coffee plantations. In the high-altitude capital, Bogotá, the Zona Rosa district is known for its restaurants and shops. Here are few interesting Columbia Facts:

Columbia Facts:

  • Colombia’s drug deal is worth US$10 billion. That’s one-quarter as much as the country’s legal exports.
  • While most of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil (60%), it’s also in Peru (13%), Colombia (10%), Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and three countries.
Columbia Facts | Amazing Facts about Columbia

Amazon Rainforest Range

  • More Colombians die every year from American tobacco than Americans die from Colombian cocaine.
  • Before the Columbian Trade Exchange, there were no oranges in Florida, no bananas in Ecuador, no potatoes in Ireland, no coffee in Colombia, no pineapples in Hawaii, no rubber trees in Africa, no tomatoes in Italy, and no chocolate in Switzerland.

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Unknown Facts about Columbia:

  • Cocaine can be purchased for about US$5 per gramme in Colombia while in the U.S. it sells for at least US$100.
  • From July to November, the River Caño Cristales in Colombia gets five different colours: yellow, green, blue, black and red.
Columbia Facts | Amazing Facts about Columbia

River Caño Cristales

  • In 1973, Nixon gave Colombia a lunar rock collected during the Apollo 17 landing. The plaque reads “Presented to the People of the Republic of Columbia.”
  • Jamaica, Colombia and St Lucia are the only countries where a woman is more likely to be a boss than a man.

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Other Facts:

  • Monkeys raised a Colombian woman after being kidnapped and abandoned in the jungle as a child.
  • The South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar was, at various times, president of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
Columbia Facts | Amazing Facts about Columbia

Simon Bolivar

  • Bolivia was named after Simon Bolivar, a military leader who led Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Bolivia to independence.
  • The workforces of Colombia and India enjoy a leisurely 18 days off per year, making them the two countries with the most public holidays in the world.

These are the various Columbia Facts.

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