Drug Facts | Unknown Facts about Drugs: A drug is any substance that, when inhaled, smoked, injected, consumed, absorbed via a spot on the skin, or dissolved under our tongue causes a physiological change in the body. Here are few unknown Drug facts which will make you think.

Drug Facts:

  • Colombia’s drug trade is now worth US$10 billion. That’s 1-quarter as much as the country’s official exports.
  • Drug possession and trafficking are punished in Singapore with the death penalty.
Drug Facts | Unknown Facts about Drugs

Death Penalty for Drugs in Singapore

  • Individuals are more likely to be killed as a drug dealer in Chicago than as a death row inmate in Texas.
  • Nazi party German troops were routinely given a narcotic drug called Pervitin, which allowed them to march for longer than normal.
  • Antidepressant drugs, already known to produce sexual side effects, may also suppress our basic human emotions of love and romance.
Drug Facts | Unknown Facts about Drugs

Antidepressants Drug

Drug Effect:

  • 31% of rock star die due to drugs or alcohol.
  • In Texas, more than 16,000 people were imprisoned in 2015 for possessing less than one gramme of narcotics.
Drug Facts | Unknown Facts about Drugs

Heroin consignments found in Texas

  • Ozzy Osborne had his genome sequenced to understand better how he’s still alive after years of hard drug and alcohol abuse.
  • In 2015, over 50,000 Americans died due to overuse of drugs—the most ever.
  • More than 100,000 babies are now born addicted to cocaine every year in the U.S., due to their mother’s consumption of the drug during pregnancy.
Drug Facts | Unknown Facts about Drugs

Say No to Drugs during Pregnancy

  • The Salema Porgy is a fish species that can cause hallucinations while eating. In Ancient Rome it was taken as a recreational drug.

Unknown Facts about Drugs:

  • In the Netherlands, there are plenty of public facilities where you can bring recreational drugs which include marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy to test if they are safe.
  • There’s a nail polish that detects date rape drugs by dipping a finger into the drink.
Drug Facts | Unknown Facts about Drugs

Nail Polish to detect drug drinks during Date

  • Traces of cocaine and nicotine were found in Egyptian mummies.
  • Generic and brand name drugs are required by U.S. law to be equally effective.
  • In 1994, a 75-pound sack of cocaine fell out of a flying plane and landed in the centre of a Florida crime watch meeting.
Drug Facts | Unknown Facts about Drugs

Say no to Drugs..!!!

  • In a professional shooting, Alcohol is acknowledged to be a performance-enhancing drug because it eases you and slows our heart rate enough to give us an edge.

These are the various facts about Drugs.

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