Earthquake is the sudden shaking of the earth’s surface, resulting from the release of energy in the Earth’s lithosphere creating seismic waves. Here are the Earthquake Facts – Facts about Earthquake to be known:

Earthquake facts:

  • The largest earthquake was recorded in Chile with a magnitude of 9.5 back in 1960.
  • The earthquake occurred in Japan on 2011 increased the rotation speed of the earth and shortened the day by 1.8 microseconds.
    earthquake facts
  • Every year there are around 500,000 earthquakes that are detected in the world. Among those, 100,000 can be felt, and 100 of those can cause damages.
  • There is an area in the basin of Pacific ocean, called the Ring of Fire, where 90% of the world’s earthquake occurs.
  • As per the record, from 1900 there are an average of 18 major earthquakes and one great earthquake occurring every year.
  • There is an architecture built to withstand the earthquake, and it is called as Inca architecture. It is very efficient and can withstand even major tremors
  • An earthquake caused parts of the Mississippi River to flow backward on December 16, 1811.
  • The 2015 earthquake that occurred in Nepal shrank Mount Everest by one inch (2.5 cm).
    earthquake facts
  • A Chinese inventor invented a seismograph in 132 AD. When an earthquake occurs, a copper ball is expelled out of the mouth of a dragon and into the mouth of a frog.
  • Japan suffers around 1,500 earthquakes almost every year.
  • Southern California has around 10,000 earthquakes every year. Most are never felt.
  • The world’s deadliest earthquake was recorded in 1556 in China. Around 830,000 people died in that earthquake.
  • The largest ever earthquake happened in Hawaii is in the year 1868. The aftershocks are still observed in Hawaii.
  • The earthquake that was recorded as the largest in the US was a magnitude of 9.2 which struck Prince William Sound in Alaska at 1964.
    earthquake facts
  • An earthquake hit Mexico city in 1985 with a magnitude of 8.5. A hospital got collapsed in the quake and nearly all babies (newborn) survived for seven days without any water, nourishment, warmth or human contact.
  • Earthquakes can turn water into gold.
  • As per the Greek mythology, Poseidon is the god and the cause for the earthquake.
  • As per the Japanese, Namazu is a giant catfish which causes an earthquake.
    earthquake facts
  • Studies say that the melting glaciers and rising sea levels disturb the balance of pressure on Earth’s tectonic plates and this causes an increase in the intensity and frequency of the earthquakes.
  • Every minute the world faces two earthquakes.

These are the earthquake facts that we all should know.

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