Facebook is one of the most used social media nowadays. There are plenty of Facebook facts which makes us say ‘WOW’. Here is a list of top facebook facts we must know.

Facebook facts

Facebook Facts:

  • Every day around 6,00,000 hacking attempts is made to Facebook accounts.
    Facebook facts
  • Facebook also has the option to change your language to “Pirate.”
  • The U.s. Facebook users spend an average of 40 minutes a day on the site.
  • The first “Face” on Facebook is the face of Al Pacino.
  • Smartphone users on average checks Facebook 14 times a day.
  • There are cases filed on people for murdering someone who unfriended them on Facebook.
  • On average, there are 3.74 degrees of separation between any one Facebook user to the other.
  • Facebook keeps a track which site you visit, even AFTER you have logged out.
  • according to a study, 1 in 3 people after visiting Facebook feels more dissatisfied with their lives.
  • Facebook is primarily blue in color because Mark Zuckerberg suffers red-green color blindness.
  • There are around 30 million dead people on Facebook as of now.
    Facebook facts
  • Since 2009 Facebook, The New York Times and Twitter have been blocked in China.
  • A third of all divorce cases of the year 2011 in the U.S. included the word “Facebook.”
  • You can’t block “Mark Zuckerberg” on Facebook.
  • Facebook earns an average of US $5.85 from every United States user.
  • There are much more Facebook users from the U.S. than U.S. citizens who have voted in the last election.
  • A Blogger hired a woman to slap him every time when he is on Facebook.
  • In Britain, a woman was given 20 months in prison for creating different fake Facebook profiles to send abusive messages to herself.
  • Plenty of Facebook photos and videos are uploaded through mobile that it takes up 27% of upstream web traffic.
    Facebook facts
  • 5% of Brits use Facebook while they are having sex, according to a survey.
  • Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg donated US$1 billion to charity in the year 2013, making him the biggest charitable donor in the U.S that year.
  • The Facebook’s “Like” button was originally going to be called as “Awesome”.
  • 8.7% of Facebook users are fake, as per a survey.
  • According to data analyzed from Facebook, The weeks before Christmas is the most popular time for couples to break up.
  • 1.8 million new “likes” are made on Facebook every minute.
  • In 2004, When Zuckerberg created Facebook, he bragged about people trusting his site with personal information. “Dumb f*cks” he called them.
  • Facebook is estimated to spend US$30 million a month on hosting alone.
  • Facebook loses almost US$25,000 for every minute it’s down.
  • In 2005, MySpace was in talks to buy Facebook but rejected Mark Zuckerberg’s asking price of US$75 million as too expensive.
    Facebook facts
  • Mark Zuckerberg receives a US$ 1 salary as CEO of Facebook.
  • In 2014, a burglar in Minnesota was caught after he logged into his Facebook account on the home’s PC and forgot to log out.
  • Facebook has a feature that allows you designate who can manage your account after you die.
  • Any text you put into the status update box is always sent to Facebook’s servers, even if you don’t press the post button.
  • In 2009, WhatsApp’s co-founder Brian Acton was turned down for a job at Facebook. Five years later, Facebook purchased it for the US $19 billion.
  • A study found, 88% of Facebook users creep ex-partners following a breakup.
  • Facebook has 95 million users in China even after being blocked.
    Facebook facts
  • Facebook’s first annual Hacker Cup coding challenge was won by a programmer at Google. He showed up at Facebook headquarters to collect his prize wearing his Google employee badge.
  • Open up a conversation in Facebook Messenger and type @fbchess play to start a game of chess with a friend.
  • Facebook offers 4 months of paid parental leave to new fathers who work for the company.
  • One gram of your DNA could store all of Facebook and Google’s data.
  • Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship to avoid paying US$700 million in taxes.
  • The average Facebook user has 155 friends but would turn to just 4 for help, a survey found.
  • Facebook runs on 61 million lines of code. That’s more than twice the amount needed for an F-35 Fighter Jet.
  • Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of Facebook takes home a US$1 salary each year.
    Facebook facts
  • More Facebook users engaged with top fake 2016 election news than with most popular real reporting, a study found.
  • When Facebook acquired Instagram for about $1 billion, the company had just 13 employees.

The above are the various Facebook facts – Facts about Facebook which is very interesting. The facebook facts are fascinating and are anazing to know.

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