As we all know, around one-third of the Earth’s surface is covered by Desert. The original meaning of the word “Desert” is “an abandoned place”. Here are few Interesting fact about Deserts:

  • Desert receives less than 40 cm of rain every year.
  • Only around 20% of the deserts are covered by sand.
  • The areas covered by ice or snow are called as “Cold Deserts”, whereas the warmer ones are the “Hot Deserts”.
  • Antartica is the Largest Cold Desert, and Sahara is the Largest Hot Desert.
  • The Atacama desert in South America is the Driest place in the whole world.
  • Rain has never been traced in the Atacama desert.
  • Deserts are very hot during day time and cold during night time.
  • Deserts have very low humidity.
  • Ice free regions of Artic and Antartica are called the “Polar Deserts”.
  • The sand from Sahara is blown all the way to the RainForest “Amazon” and acts as a fertiliser.
  • In 1979, Sahara desert experienced snow fall.
  • The Lut Desert of Iran is the hottest place on Earth.

The Isolated Tree:

Once there was a lonely tree called the “Tree of Tenere“. If you search for any other trees nearby, you have to cross 250 miles for the next tree.

The tree was considered as the most isolated tree until a drunk driver hit that in 1973.

Interesting fact about Deserts

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