Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana: The Marijuana is the slang term for parts of the Cannabis plant. It is one of the earliest psychoactive substances used by man. Here are few interesting Marijuana Facts which we all should be aware.

Marijuana Facts:

  • Legalising marijuana would generate $8.7 billion in federal and state tax revenue per year.
  • Marijuana is still legal and is not classified as a drug in the country North Korea.
Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana is Legal in North Korea

  • California, the first U.S., state, to ban Marijuana a century ago.
  • The first recorded use of Marijuana was in China, over 4700 years ago.
  • Rastafarians are legally permitted to possess marijuana in Italy due to it being a ‘sacrament’ to the religion.
Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Rastafarians are permitted to consume Marijuana

  • The first thing bought and sold across the Internet was a bag of marijuana around 1971.

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Marijuana Effect:

  • Heavy smokers of Marijuana are at risk for some of the same health effects as cigarette smokers, like bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses.
  • A Marijuana-derived compound makes cancer cells to freeze and prevents them from spreading.
Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana can prevent cancer from spreading

  • Only around 1% to 5% of marijuana users end up developing psychosis.
  • Medicinal Marijuana is recognised as Kosher in Some Cases by Judaism.
  • The U.S. government’s “official expert” on Marijuana from the year of 1938 to 1962 once testified in the court, under oath, that he had smoked the marijuana and it turned him into a bat.
  • A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about 15 minutes to die of an overdose.
Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana Farm

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Study about Marijuana:

  • Study after study has determined that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.
  • Only about 9% of marijuana users become clinically dependent, according to a study.
  • More U.S. teens inhale marijuana than cigarettes or e-cigs, a study found.
Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Teens consume Marijuana more

  • In 1949, the U.S. Military produced a synthetic version of the Marijuana called “Dimethylheptylpyran.” Just one milligramme can have effects lasting for three days.
  • Marijuana absorbs nuclear radiation. In 1998, the Ukraine’s Institute of Bast Crops planted industrial marijuana to help remove contaminants in the soil near Chernobyl.

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Interesting Facts about Marijuana:

  • Marijuana has been allowed for personal use in Alaska since 1975, and it’s still right today.
  • People found 789 grammes of 2700-year-old marijuana in a Chinese tomb in 2008.
  • Legal marijuana was the fastest-growing industry in the U.S. in 2015.
Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana Farm

  • United States gave a penalty of life in prison without any parole for trying to sell US 10 dollars of marijuana to an undercover officer.
  • The SEX Party in Australia is looking to legalise marijuana, euthanasia, censorship, abortion, and tax the church.
  • Bhutan used Marijuana to feed pigs before the advent of TV.

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Unknown Facts:

  • Over 800,000 people are held for marijuana in the U.S. each year.
  • Scientists detected traces of Cannabis on pipes found in William Shakespeare’s garden.
Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana

William Shakespeare

  • Uruguay became, in the year 2013, the first country in the world to make it legal to grow, sell and consume marijuana.
  • In India, it is not uncommon to consume marijuana in milkshake form.
  • In Colorado, medical marijuana stores outnumber Starbucks locations 3 to 1.
Marijuana Facts | Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Medical Marijuana in Colorado

  • The first arrest for Marijuana possession and selling in the U.S. occurred in Denver, Colorado on October 2, 1937.
  • 42% of people in the United States have tried marijuana at least once.

These are the various Marijuana Facts.

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