Top 10 Horror Movies Ever Made | Horror Movies: Nowadays it’s a trend making a horror film. There are plenty of movies getting released every week, and at least 10% of it is a horror film. Here is the list of top 10 horror movies:

10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a 1974 American horror film directed and produced by Tobe Hooper, who cowrote it with Kim Henkel. The film follows a bunch of friends who fall victim to a family of cannibals while on their way to visit an old homestead. Although it was marketed as a true story to attract a wider audience and as a subtle commentary on the era’s political climate, its plot is entirely fictional.

9. Saw:

Saw is a 2004 American horror film directed by James Wan. Two men rose up to find themselves on the opposite sides of a dead body, each with specific commands to kill the other or face the consequences. These two are the latest victims of the Jigsaw Killer. The film was re-released by Lionsgate on October 31, 2014, to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

8. Scream:

Scream is a 1996 American slasher movie directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson. A year after Sidney’s mum is murdered, more murders start to occur. She begins to suspect if these deaths are related and try to find the killer as everyone seems to be a suspect.

7. The Silence of the Lambs:

An American Movie “The Silence of the Lambs, ” is a horror cum thriller film directed by Jonathan Demme. Clarice Starling, an FBI agent, asks help from Hannibal Lecter, a psychopathic serial killer and former psychiatrist, to apprehend another serial killer who has been claiming female victims.

6. Psycho:

Psycho (1960) is an American psychological horror film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock and written by Joseph Stefano. After stealing money, Marion uses the night at Bates Motel, owned by Norman who has a severe problem with his mother. Soon, her sister and lover visit the motel as they hear a report of her disappearance.

5. Alien:

Alien (1979is a British-American science-fiction cum horror film directed by Ridley Scott. Alien is a science-fiction horror franchise centred on a movie series that describes Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley and her encounters with an extraterrestrial lifeform, referred to as “the Xenomorph”, “the Alien” or “Xenomorph XX121”.

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street:

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 2010 American slasher film directed by Samuel Bayer and written by Wesley Strick. A young girl realises that she has to stay awake at any cost to avoid the psychotic killer who is butchering her friends one by one in their dreams.

3. The Shining:

The Shining (1980) is a British-American horror film directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick, co-written with novelist Diane Johnson. Jack along with his family move into an isolated hotel with a violent past. Living in isolation, Jack begins to lose his sanity, which affects his family members.

2. Halloween:

Halloween (1978) is an American independent slasher film directed and scored by John Carpenter, co-written with producer Debra Hill. On the Halloween night in 1963, Michael Myers murders his sister. He escapes on October 30, 1978, from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, and returns home to kill again. The next day, Halloween, Michael stalks teenager Laurie Strode. Michael’s psychiatrist, Dr Sam Loomis, knowing Michael’s intentions, goes to Haddonfield to find and stop him.

1. The Exorcist:

The Exorcist (1973) is an American supernatural horror film, adapted by William Peter Blatty from his 1971 novel of the same name. An actress notices dangerous changes in the behaviour and physical make-up of her 12-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, a young priest begins to doubt his faith while dealing with his mother’s sickness. This stays on the top 10 horror movies list.

The above are the Top 10 horror movies ever made. People who have watched all these ten movies are really great.

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