Here are the top facts about Google which we don’t know. Google is always an innovator. These are few of Google’s facts.

top facts about Google

1. Type “I Want to commit Suicide” in Google’s search bar. You will get your countries Helpline/counseling number to help you.

2. Search “atari breakout” in google images. You can play the game. Try it now.

3. More than a company per week is what Google is acquiring since 2010.

4. Tired of looking into Google Earth? You can also see the map of Google Mars. Click here to see Google Mars.

5. Google also allows you to view the Stars. Click here to view Stars.

6. Google hired 200 goats for a week at the HQ. These goats spent a week with them, eating the grass.

7. If you type a number in Google search bar, it will spell it out for you.

These are few top facts about Google which we wanted to know. For more facts, Please visit our page.

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