WTF Facts are interesting information which most of us don’t know yet. People after seeing this will saw WTF. WTF Facts are amazing and mind blowing

WTF Facts:

  1. You are never actually touching anything. Your electrons repel objects when they are 10^-8 m away from you, but you can feel the force of resistance. So you’re technically hovering now.
  2. Most of the smoke billowing up from a space shuttle launch is not exhaust. It is water vapor from the pool of water under the shuttle designed to absorb the acoustic shock waves that could otherwise tear the shuttle apart.
  3. Mars is called Red planet because it is covered with rust or iron oxide dust.
  4. A low-fat diet can lead to greater weight loss than a low-carb diet, study finds.
  5. If you place a ripe banana next to a green tomato, it will ripen due to the ethylene gas produced by the banana.
  6. The tooth is the only part of the human body that can’t repair itself.
  7. In the Sahara Desert, the Ténéré tree was the only tree around for 250 miles, until in 1973, a drunken truck driver crashed into it.WTF Facts
  8. Exercise can alleviate the ache of menstrual cramps. Exercise releases endorphins, which is a pain reliever.
  9. Your brain creates false memories, WTF!
  10. Taking fruits on an empty stomach can prevent graying hair, nervous outbursts, balding and dark circles under the eyes.


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