WTF Facts:

  1. The white part of the orange, the path, contains bioflavonoids which help you absorb the vitamin c of the fruit.
  2. When you lie the temperature of your actual increases, it is called Pinocchio effect.
  3. The average adult human has two to nine pounds of bacteria in his or her body.
  4. Starfish can re-grow their arms, and a single arm can regenerate a whole body.
  5. Universe light source across all wavelengths will fade away in future, study finds.
  6. As of 2015, only four northern white rhinos remain on Earth.WTF Facts
  7. The Blue Lake in New Zealand is the clearest lake in the world.
  8. The fungus in hair ice does not change the temperature of the wood to create ice, but structure after the ice has already started to grow.
  9. In physics, c is used to represent the speed of light in vacuum.
  10. In the human body, there are ten times as many single-celled micro-organisms as there are human cells.


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