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WTF Fun Facts are very hard to believe true facts which will make you make say WTF…!!!!!

WTF Fun Facts

  1. A 7th Grader that was given the assignment to trace her lineage decided to put together a massive Presidential Family Tree and found out every single US president except Martin Van Buren is related to King John of England.
  2. NASA hires a man to sniff everything that they send to space. If he doesn’t like the smell, it doesn’t go to space.
  3. The record for most passengers on a commercial airplane is 1088. The plane started with 1086 with two people giving birth during the flight.
  4. If one attempted suicide (by hanging, for instance) in 19th century Britain and failed to die, he/she would be charged with attempted murder which could be punished with death by hanging.
  5. Mila Kunis was 14 years old when she auditioned for “That 70’s Show”. She said she’d be 18 on her birthday but never said which birthday.
  6. A motorcycle swept away by the Japanese tsunami washed up on the shore in Canada, the owner was identified, and the motorcycle was returned.
  7. Thanks to his Internet popularity, “success kid” made enough money to fund his dad’s kidney transplant.
  8. When you receive a major electric shock, it’s not the electricity that throws you across the room; it’s the force of your muscles contracting. You’re strong enough to instantly throw yourself across a room.
  9. Nigerian scammers once sold a fake airport to a major international bank for $242 million, and the scam wasn’t discovered till three years later.
  10. In China, if you hit someone with your car you pay for their medical care. Killing someone, however, is a one-time fine. For that reason, people have gone back to kill someone they accidentally hit.
  11. Illegal immigrants were hired to construct the border fence separating the United States from Mexico.
  12. In 2010 during a heat wave, Siberian bears began to dig up cemeteries and eat the corpses of humans.
  13. John Cena, the WWE superstar, has granted more than 400 Make-a-Wish requests more than anyone in the charity’s history.

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